Dear Candidates
Frequently Asked Questions. In this place we will try to answer your questions regarding recruitment procedure.

The IRK system says I have to enter my number/ID of my high School diploma. But actually I can't find such number on my document. There is no ID number on my high school diploma. What should I insert in this place?

In some countries there is no diploma ID number (e.g. Germany). In this situation please insert your IRK ID number which you will find in your IRK profile at the left side in menu, below your name. See HERE.

I am trying to find Agreement on payment, and there is a strange information: Print out is not available for your current recruitment status! What does it mean? Where do I find the Agreement form?

The Agreement form is created by the IRK system in profile of each candidates whos status has been changed from "Candidate" into "Conditionally accepted". It also means that your candidature must be accepted by Recruitment Commitee, after their meeting. So, when you will be conditionally accepted then the Agreement will be available for you in "Print outs".

What is the deadline for application?
The deadline for application in Online System (IRK) is 8th July 2022. Till that time all required documents must be uploaded into Online system (IRK). See details in Admission Calendar.

When do I have to pay the recruitment fee?
Till 8th July 2022. It means that the money have to be accounted in University bank account till that day.

What minimum IELTS score is required?
According to Polish regulation minimum IELTS score is 6.5.

When do I have to pay the tuition fee?
The deadline for payment of tuition fee will be shown in Agreement. The Agreement will be created by Online System (IRK) in the profile of each candidate accepted to the Stage Two (after Stage One).

Where can I find the Application Form?
The application Form should be generated by Online System (IRK), and can be found in your profile in the tab "Print outs". See the picture.

Is it true that Swedish citizens are not obliged to submit English language certificate?
Yes, this is true, if advanced English is presented on High School Diploma with minimum grade: C or VG. The rest of them is expected to provide English language certificate.

Where can I find Health Certificate form?
This form is available in profile of each candidates, in Print outs (see here).

I want to get a place in dorm, what should I do?
All candidates who will be accepted after Stage One can send their applications for a place in dorm. The form, email address, and information can be found here:

Where can I find list of required English language certificates?
It can be found here.

When do I have to sign the Agreement on payment with the University?
After Stage One some candidates will be conditionally accepted (to the Stage Two). Then the status of those candidates will be changed into “Przyjęty warunkowo” (Conditionally Accepted). In that moment the Online System will create the Agreement on payment (only for accepted candidates). All of them should print out the Agreement on payment from their profiles, sign it and upload scan to their IRK profile . Please note that in the Agreement you will find the deadline for payment of tuition fee.